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I thought long and hard about doing this page as it is not an easy page to view.  It tells the stories of lives lost and lives without a chance.  This page is not here for its shock value, it is here because every dog on this page deserves to be remembered.  There are no bad dogs on this page, they were just dogs who didn't have enough good people to save them.  They. Just. Ran. Out. Of. Time.  They did not ask to be born into a world where they were not wanted, in a world already vastly overcrowded with too many dogs and not enough homes.  This page is in honor of all the Rags, and the Riches, and the Charlottes, and the Murphys, and all the dogs across our nation who die in shelters every day, because no one wants them.  There are not enough homes, there are not enough people to take them in.  As I watch my own dogs, adopted from this very shelter, run across a field with the total abandon only a dog can know and embrace, I realize that had I been a week, a day, an hour too late, they too could have been on this page.  For the fact that they are not, my heart rejoices, for the fact that so many are, my heart breaks.  For all the shelter workers across America, I am certain that if they could wish only one thing, and could they be empowered to do so, it would be to "turn back the hands of time".   For all the dogs, in all the shelters across America, who just ran out of time, this page is for you.

  You are not forgotten. 


In Memory of So Many Great Dogs


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