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Below is the Livingston County Humane Society Adoption Contract.  Please read the Contract carefully, it is a binding and legal document.  Once you have read the Contract, please sign and date the contract and fill in the brief questionnaire.   

Thank You.  Chillicothe Animal Shelter (LCHS)






I herewith contribute to the Livingston County Humane Society, herein after known as LCHS, for the furtherance of its good work, the amount of $__________  (Leave Blank) as an adoption donation. I acknowledge rescuing from LCHS title, possession, and control of the animal noted below, which I agree I shall be entitled to retain only so long as I comply with the following terms and conditions of this agreement:

  1. Humane Care:  I will provide humane care, giving the animal proper food, water, shelter, and exercise. I will not allow anyone to treat the animal cruelly, nor will I allow anyone to use the animal for an experimental purpose.

  2. Veterinary Care:  I will provide the animal with a competent veterinarian in case of illness or injury, and I will have a veterinarian administer all currently recommended inoculations and preventatives, all at my expense.

  3. Spaying/Neutering:  In compliance with Ordinance 7-9 of Missouri Senate Bill 636 (1992) I agree to have this animal sterilized by a licensed veterinarian on or before the following date ________________  (applicable only to those animals not already spayed/neutered) I agree to provide written confirmation of the surgery to LCHS.  I will provide proof that all currently recommended inoculations have been administered before such surgery.  I understand that the animal may not have any food or water within 12 hours of surgery.

  4. Compliance With The Laws:  I will comply with all laws and ordinances applicable to the animal, which are in force in any location where I keep the animal.  I will not permit the animal to run at large or become a public nuisance.  I will retrieve the animal from any public pound when notified to do so.

  5. Disposition of Animal: I will report to LCHS immediately if the animal dies, or is lost or stolen.  I will not sell, give away, or abandon the animal, but will return the animal, at my own expense,  to LCHS if I desire to relinquish the animal.

  6. Adopter Assumes Risk:  I accept the animal as is, and I assume all risk of ownership of the animal.  I release LCHS from all liability for any illness of the animal, and for any damage or injury which the animal may cause to my person or property.  I understand and agree that some or all of the information provided to me regarding the animal may have been received by LCHS by a third party, and LCHS does not warrant the accuracy of such information.

  7. Donations Not Refundable:  I understand and agree that any donation I have given to LCHS is a voluntary gift to be used by LCHS in its work of providing humane care for animals and education of the public, and is in no sense to be regarded as a price paid for the animal. Any such voluntary donation is not refundable.

  8. Inspection/Return:  I agree to allow a representative of LCHS to examine the animal and its living conditions at any reasonable time with reasonable prior notice.  I agree that the title of the animal shall revert to LCHS and that I shall be obligated to transfer possession and control of the animal to LCHS upon receiving written notice from LCHS that LCHS has determined the animal's condition and/or living conditions is/are unsatisfactory or that I have violated one or more terms and conditions of this contract.

  9. LCHS Remedies:  I agree that if I wrongfully fail to return possession and control of the animal to LCHS when notified to do so, I shall then be liable to LCHS for any lawsuit filed against me to recover the animal for:

  10. (a)  $500 liquidated damages, actual damages being difficult if not impossible to ascertain

    (b)  LCHS reasonable attorney's fees

    (c) Court costs

    I consent to jurisdiction and venue in Livingston County, Missouri, no matter where I live.

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