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Life is good for Andy! We now call him Randy. He is enjoying the afternoon with his sister (Roxanne;doxie) and brothers (Cooper;beagle and Lucky;dalmation) He acts like he has lived here forever. We are very pleased with adding him to our home.
The Lynn Family David, Michelle, Tanner, Trevor Lucky, Roxanne, Cooper and Randy

Thank You to the Lynn Family for giving Andy/Randy such a terrific home!! Livingston County Humane Society

I just wanted to write and thank you for looking out for Sandy, the 14yr old white poodle who passed through your shelter in June.  I met him shortly after he arrived at Hearts United for Animals (HUA) in Auburn, NE.  It was heart breaking that such a sweet little fellow had lost him home after 14 years.  I couldn't stop thinking about him on the drive home so when I arrived, I packed up my three kids, all rescues from HUA, and headed back to Auburn to make sure all the kids would get along.  

We couldn't ask for a more perfect dog.  He is potty trained, walks great on a leash, and he is an extremely intelligent guy who is anxious to learn new things.  We're working on several commands and he is a quick study. He loves running around the house with our other poodle, Mandy.  They occasionally have turf wars but it's over quick and they are back to playing, running around in the back yard or hunting for the chewie stash.  

It took Sandy 4 days to realize he was staying and the lost look in his eyes was gone.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for taking this little guy in and getting him to HUA so we could find him.  Please also thank the veterinarian who refused to put him down just because he wasn't wanted.  We are so lucky to have him in our family.

Feel free to check out the pictures and videos on our family blog:  


Connie Watts

Thank You Connie!!! For Giving Sandy Such A Wonderful Home!
Chillicothe Animal Shelter


We drove all the way from Cleveland, Ohio to pick up Parker back in 2006. 
We left on a Friday and arrived in Chillicothe around 2:00 PM.  Parker was
outside waiting for us.  When I took him for a walk for the very first
time around the yard at the Livingston County Shelter, I knew right away
that he was a wonderful dog.  I had heard that somebody basically
abandoned him...

We drove all the way home that day---about 12 hours---and Parker was a
wonderful dog and very patient.  When we arrived back in the Cleveland
area, Parker was greeted by his three canine brothers, and he fit right
He arrived at his new home at 2:40 AM on May 21st, 2006, and immediately
joined our happy family.

Parker is tremendously loyal; he will follow me wherever I go. He loves to
ride with me in my truck and has had visits to the school at which I
teach.  He is at my feet when I grade papers and waits for me at the door
when I get home.  I thank you all for helping save him---he now has a
great life with us as well as his canine brothers.  He loves to join in
and chase his doggy brothers around.  Parker now weighs close to 85
pounds, and has a huge heart!

Thanks again for what you all did!

Tim Campbell
THANK YOU Tim and Family for Giving Parker Such A Wonderful Home!!
Chillicothe Animal Shelter

We are so appreciative of the efforts you have taken to save animals.

We adopted "Maggie" who is a two year old white boxer July of 2009. The first day she came home she fit right in and was loving on us instantly. She and our 10 year old, male, white boxer bonded immediately and constantly play with eachother. She is no angel, but she does everything that an adolescent boxer is expected to do.

Both of the dogs were enrolled in obedience class together, and it made the transition for her as well as for us and our other dog very smooth. She is the most loving, affectionate, and funny dog I have ever had and we are so blessed to have her and we are so happy that she stole our hearts!

Roxie was a stray, then on "death row" in a pound, then was at your shelter for a month. I don't know how it is possible that someone wouldn't have wanted her, or how she had not been adopted before us, but she is a very lucky dog! We love her, she loves us without a doubt and she brightens our days!

Chad, Kelsah, Riggs, & Roxie

THANK YOU Chad and Kelsah for giving Roxie such a GREAT home!!  And THANK YOU Riggs for making her feel welcome!!
Chillicothe Animal Shelter


This is Trapper,  I adopted him last Nov. He has grown and is
 loving his new home and his "big brother" Jigs. They have become
 best buddies and love to wrestle and play. He likes  to   go 
 for long runs with the four wheeler. He has 72 acres that he
 calls home. He has a great love for water and is always
 going down for a dip in the pond. He has learned to keep watch 
and alarm us of any critters on his property.  Can't tell you
 how much I have enjoyed having him as a part of my life . 
 He never cease to amaze us with his personality and intelligence.
 He is quite a joy! Thank you so much for introducing us. 
 Your friend, brenda smith
THANK YOU Brenda for giving Trapper such a wonderful home!
The Staff at Chillicothe Animal Shelter



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